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Directory of Primary Forest Industries in Canada

Acadian Timber Corp. is a leading supplier of primary forest products in Eastern Canada and the Northeastern U.S. With a total of approximately 2.4 million acres of land under management, Acadian is the second largest timberland operator in the province || products: lumber || location: New Brunswick

Alberta Newsprint Company, a joint venture of The Stern Group (Whitecourt Newsprint Company Limited Partnership) and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., is a leading manufacturer of premium newsprint.|| products: newsprint || location: Alberta

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. is one of the most modern pulp mills in the world. Together, with our team members and team member contractors, we use environmentally sustainable practices to produce approximately 650,000 tonnes of high quality, elemental-chlorine-free bleached kraft pulp annually.|| products: lumber, pulp & paper || location: Alberta

Anderson Pacific Forest Products - Since 1993, through a process of continuous upgrading and supplementary land acquisition, APFP has established recognition as a specialty mill manufacturing consistent high quality lumber in the custom cutting business.products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Apollo Forest Products Ltd.has been in operation in Fort St. James since 1969. Apollo is 100% owned by the Andersen and Stewart Families of Prince George (The Sinclar Group of Companies). The Sinclar Group also has controlling shares in both Lakeland Mills and Winton Global located in Prince George, as well as a 50% partnership in L&M Lumber located in Vanderhoof. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Aspen Planers Ltd. is an independent, family-owned business founded in 1959 by the Ghog family, located in Merritt, British Columbia. As a private forest company, our mission is to grow and create wealth with people, through strategic value-based investments and focused operations.|| products:lumber || location: British Columbia

ATCO Wood Productsis a leading producer of softwood veneers and related by-products. We specialize in producing custom softwood veneer for plywood and engineered wood products customers in both Canada and the United States. || products: veneer, logs, chips, landscape ties || location: British Columbia

AV Group is a member of the pulp and fibre business of the Aditya Birla Group and consists of two dissolving-pulp manufacturing mills: AV Cell Inc. and AV Nackawic|| products: dissolving grade hardwood pulp || location: New Brunswick

BC Custom Timber Products has been sawing cants and timbers since 1997 for the milled log home industry and been very active in custom sawing timbers for timber frame/post & beam construction. || products: lumber, small wood buildings || location: British Columbia

Benoit & Dionne Produits Forestiers Ltee continues to build since 1986 a strong reputation supplying bulk lumber to dealers and manufacturers throughout North America. || products: lumber || location: Quebec

Blue Mountain Woodlot Ltd. owns Woodlot #38, a managed forest located north of Maple Ridge || products: logs || location: British Columbia

Canfor Corporation is one of the world's largest producers of sustainable lumber, pulp and paper. We've built our reputation on the quality of our products, the reliability of our supply and our superior customer service.|| products: lumber, pulp & paper, bioenergy || location: British Columbia, Alberta

Carrier Lumber Over the past six decades, Carrier Lumber has become one of Canada's most dynamic forest products companies. Carrier has achieved sound growth over the years by consistently producing high quality lumber, a determination to form long lasting relationships with customers and to provide the best service possible. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Canoe Forest Products produces superior quality Canadian softwood sheathing and specialty plywood products under the trademark CANOE brand®. Since 1965, the CANOE brand® has distinguished itself as a premium quality plywood panel that is well recognized and valued throughout the world. | products: plywood, logs || location: British Columbia

Cascades produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibres. || products:packaging materials, paper products || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec

Catalyst Paper Corporation manufacture diverse specialty printing papers, newsprint and pulp for retailers, publishers and commercial printers. || products: mechanical printing paper || location: British Columbia

Cedrico Lumber Inc. The key of our success is first and foremost the continuing vitality of the resource. || products: lumber || location: Quebec

Celgar - Celgar pulp mill is located in Castlegar in the Interior of British Columbia - approximately 600 km east of Vancouver. The mill has an annual pulp capacity of 520,000 Air Dried Metric Tonnes and an electricity generation capacity of 100 MW. || products: pulp, electrical energy|| location: British Columbia

Columbia Forest Products is North America’s largest manufacturer of hardwood plywood and hardwood veneer products. Columbia’s decorative interior veneers and panels are used in high-end cabinetry, fine furniture, architectural millwork and commercial fixtures. || products:hardwood: plywood, veneer, logs || location: Ontario, Quebec

Commonwealth Plywood is Canada's leading manufacturer of hardwood rotary cut veneers || products: plywood, veneer, lumber || location: Quebec

Conifex Timber Inc. Our primary business is the manufacture of structural grade SPF dimension lumber and the production of clean, renewable energy. Our operations are conducted in a sustainable, safe and environmentally sound manner and they include all aspects of fibre management, from timber harvesting & reforestation, to sawmilling & lumber finishing and energy production. || products: lumber, renewable energy || location: British Columbia

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Ltd. manages approximately 1.5 million hectares (3.6 million acres) of forest land in Newfoundland and Labrador. || products: pulp & paper || location: Newfoundland and Labrador

Coulson Forest Products maintains a core group of management and forest industry professionals with up to date expertise in conducting timber harvesting and managing private and public forest land. CFP's operations involve full management of Forest licences A19234 and A59658 in the Arrowsmith Timber Supply Area of British Columbia and a management agreement with the Toquaht First Nation to manage Woodlot Licence 1903. || products: lumber, engineered flooring || location: British Columbia

Daaquam aims to be the most efficient timber manufacturer in its industry, while maintaining the highest quality and meeting the specific needs of its customers. || products: lumber || location: Quebec

Delta Cedar Group of Companies has a long history of providing customers with high quality, sustainability-minded Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Douglas Fir products. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. is an integrated forest products company first established in 1969 andhas become one of the top pulp producers in North America. The company employs over 600 people in British Columbia and Alberta and conducts business with an additional 600 woodlands, log and chip haul North America. || products: kraft pulp || location: British Columbia, Alberta

Domtar - We design, manufacture, market and distribute a wide variety of fiber-based products including communication papers, specialty and packaging papers and absorbent hygiene products.  || products: printing and specialty papers, softwood and hardwood pulp || location: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec

Downie Timber Ltd. and Selkirk Cedar are independent, family owned and operated companies located in Revelstoke. || products: lumber, logs || location: British Columbia

Duhamel Sawmill Inc. has elected to capitalize on a specific niche in the lumber industry. That strategy has allowed Duhamel Sawmill Inc. to earn increasingly important shares of the market. Forty workers are currently employed at the mill; yearly production has reached approximately 25 million FBM.  || products: lumber || location: Quebec

Dunkley Lumber Ltd. Quality is a focus in everything we do. We believe that we manufacture among the highest quality lumber in the world. Our customers agree. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

EACOM Timber Corporation is a major Eastern Canadian wood products company formed in 2008. In 2010, EACOM acquired Domtar Forest Products Division.|| products: lumber, lumber residues || location: Ontario, Quebec

Exulon Inc. is a family owned business working in the hardwood industry, founded in 1991. || products: hardwood lumber || location: Quebec

Flakeboard Company Limited - manufacturing North America's most diverse line of composite panel products with quality, service, innovation and passion! || products: panels || location: New Brunswick

Foothills Forest Products - a value added forest products company specializing in dimensional lumber, wood pellets, and other value added wood products. || products: lumber, wood pellets || location: Alberta

Fortress Paper is an international producer of specialty pulp, security papers and other security related products. It was incorporated in May 2006 and listed on the Toronto Stock exchange in July 2007 || products: specialty pulp and security paper || location: British Columbia, Quebec

Gorman Bros. Lumber Ltd. - The World's Finest 1 inch Spruce and Lodgepole Boards. Edge - Feel the difference "Gorman Bros.' signature edges are smooth and splinter-resistant. As a result, there is no need for sanding, they're easy to stack, and they look great. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Hampton Affiliates currently owns and manages approximately 100,000 acres (over 40,500 hectares) of timberland in Oregon and Washington. In addition, we manage approximately 120,000 hectares (296,526 acres) of publicly owned forest land in British Columbia. These lands provide a portion of the raw material processed at our mills. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Indifor Inc. is a marketing firm representing 3 sawmills located in the Beauce region of Quebec|| products: lumber || location: Quebec

Interfor Corporation - With operations across North America and customers around the globe, Interfor is now one of the world's largest lumber providers. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Island Timberlands is a private timberlands business focused on the sustainable management of high quality timber and other forest products from coastal British Columbia. || operations: woodlands management, forest harvesting || products: logs || location: British Columbia

J.D. Irving, Limited - Responsible stewardship of healthy, sustainable forests for clean air, water, wildlife habitat and a productive source of wood fiber is what defines our success || products: softwood and hardwood lumber || location: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia

J.H. Huscroft Ltd. - As a midsize company we are able to offer many specialty services to better suit the needs and demands of our customers. || operations: woodlands management, forest harvesting, sawmill || products: lumber || location: British Columbia.

Kalesnikoff Lumber Company - Our mill produces some of the finest grain, highest quality softwood lumber products in the world. | || products: lumber || location: British Columbia.

KDL Group - Our key business areas are forest harvesting, log trucking, forest management, road construction and road maintenance. || products: logs || location: British Columbia.

Kenora Forest Products The mill produces 80 million board feet of high quality SPF building studs.|| products: lumber || location: Ontario

Kruger Inc. has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry sectors in which it operates. || products: lumber, paper and packaging products, energy || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador.

La Crete Sawmills Ltd. Locally-owned and established in 1989, La Crete Sawmills specializes in lumber production of spruce and aspen. || operations: sawmills || products: lumber, pellets || location: Alberta

Leclerc & Tremblay Sawmill inc. is a family-owned business located near Sherbrooke and the Vermont border.|| products: hardwood lumber || location: Quebec

Lecours Lumber Co. Ltd. is a privately owned company located 37 km west of Hearst in Calstock, Ontario Canada. The total annual softwood lumber capacity exceeds 100 million board feet. || products: lumber || location: Ontario

Ledcor Forestry Operating with non-replaceable forest licenses in British Columbia (9 million m3), we ensure every inch of the felled tree is put to use. Ledcor covers the entire supply chain from start to finish. || products: logs, lumber, chips, hog fuel || location: British Columbia

Lemire Lumber Company Inc. is based in Sherbrooke. || products: hardwood lumber and panels, wafer boards || location: Quebec

LP Building Products - As a global leader in engineered wood products, LP is engineered to perform—both as a company and as a manufacturer of innovative products for the building industry. It's our exclusive focus on engineered wood products that makes all the difference. || products: framing, panels, siding || location: British Columbia, Manitoba, Quebec

Lulumco Inc. is a Eastern SPF sawmill that as been in the lumber business since 1892. || products: lumber || location: Quebec

Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd. Our facility, incorporating the best of North American and Swedish sawmill technology, was opened in December 1993. || operations: sawmill || products: lumber || location: Alberta

Mill & Timber is a cedar sawmill located in Surrey. We specialize in Western Red Cedar products. We log the trees, sort and mill the logs. We remanufacture our own lumber and ship the right product to you.|| products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Millar Western Forest Products a progressive Canadian forest company with strong roots in our community and a reach that spans the globe. || products: lumber, pulp || location: Alberta

Murray Brothers Lumber Company Modern sawmills, kilns, grading facilities and extensive inventories provide customers with exceptional service and a diverse product mix. || products: softwood and hardwood lumber || location: Ontario

Norbord Inc. is an international producer of wood-based panels, we manufacture OSB in the United States, Canada and Europe || products: wood-based panels || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec

NorSask Forest Products We are known for consistent quality lumber; strong relationships with customers, and community; and responsible stewardship of the environment || products: lumber, pellets || location: Saskatchewan

Northcrest Forest Products delivers premium lumber products to customers throughout the world.|| products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Northland Forest Products Ltd. is a family run sawmill located a few minutes north of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Over the past 40 years we have helped many organizations with their wood product needs. || products: lumber, wood chips, wood residues || location: Alberta

Resolute Forest Products - At Resolute Forest Products, we are one team with one vision where - profitability and sustainability drive our future. s || products: lumber, panels, paper products, market pulp, pellets || location: Ontario, Quebec

Revelstoke Community Forest Corp. is a community-based company owned by the City of Revelstoke, it operates a 120,000-hectare Tree Farm Licence || products: logs || location: British Columbia

Roundhouse Forest Products specializes in the production of untreated Red Cedar utility and transmission poles. Roundhouse is also a supplier of both Red Cedar and Yellow Cedar dimensional lumber. || products: logs || location: British Columbia,

San Group of Companies has evolved from a small lumber remanufacturing facility to a multi level forest products company. Facilities include a remanufacturing facility in the Vancouver area along with a newly acquired sawmill and remanufacturing facility in the Kootenay Valley. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Scierie Tech Inc. specializes in the processing, sale and distribution of Eastern White Pine || products: lumber || location: Quebec

Seaton Forest Products Ltd. operates a small cant mill west of Smithers. We process dry balsam logs into cants for export to Asian and/or local markets. We use logs that have previously been burnt or left in the bush. Seaton has been in operation since 2016 and employs approximately 25 people of whom 75% are First Nations. || products: Cants || location: British Columbia

Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd. will continue to seek opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation while supporting healthy and vibrant communities. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Le Specialiste du bardeau de cedre inc. The cedar's natural variations of shades, its fine grain and its soft texture cannot be reproduced with plastic or composites. || products: eastern white cedar shingles || location: Quebec

SPF Precut Lumber is an established and award-winning exporter and remanufacturer of Canadian wood products. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Spray Lake Sawmills - Manufacturing forest products for use throughout Canada and abroad since 1943. || products: lumber || location: Alberta

Taan Forest , as incorporated by the Haida Nation, has exclusive access to some of the world's finest and most exclusive timber. Taan Forest and the Haida people carefully choose from the finest available Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock. We then custom cut the logs to your exact specifications and deliver your premium Haida wood anywhere in the world, ready to become a part of your fine craft. || products: lumber, logs, poles || location: British Columbia

Teal-Jones Group is involved in timber harvesting and the manufacture of primary lumber products in the coastal region of British Columbia. || products: lumber, shingles & shakes || location: British Columbia

TimberWest is one of Canada's largest public companies operating exclusively in lumber and logging. Our vast forest resource includes British Columbia's second largest holding of private timberlands, as well as timber cutting rights to publicly owned forests. || products: logs || location: British Columbia

Tolko Industries Ltd. is a private, Canadian-owned forest products company based in Vernon, British Columbia with approximately 3,000 employees. Tolko is a major producer and marketer of forest products with manufacturing operations across Western Canada. products: lumber, veneer, plywood, OSB, and kraft papers || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

Townsend Lumber Inc. is dedicated to procuring logs from woodlots that have been responsibly harvested and also owns and manages their own selectively harvested woodlots. || products: lumber || location: Ontario

West Chilcotin Forest Products Ltd. is a jointly owned lumber company that brings the Ulkatcho First Nations, local community and Industry together as equal partners. The company is dedicated to maintaining the local infrastructure, and impact the environment as little as possible in doing. || products: lumber || location: British Columbia

Western Forest Products an integrated forest company. WFP's principle activities include growing and harvesting timber, sawmilling logs into lumber and wood chips and
producing sulphite pulp and NBSK pulp. All its operations are located on the coast of British Columbia. || products: lumber, pulp || location: British Columbia

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. has grown to be the largest lumber producer in North America. West Fraser is an integrated forest products company producing lumber, wood chips, fibreboard, plywood, pulp, linerboard, kraft paper, and newsprint. . || products: lumber, panels, pulp, papers, residues, treated wood || location: British Columbia

WestRock embraces a culture of corporate citizenship, giving generously of time, talent and funding to take care of the communities where we live and work. || products: consumer & corrugated packaging, paperboard || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec

Woodco Industries Ltd. focuses on the acquisition, sorting and merchandising of log products and the milling and manufacturing of mat and bridge products. Our facilities are located in Barriere, 45 minutes north of Kamloops. || products: rough cut Douglas-fir, Hemlock and SPF timbers and manufactures crane mats and bridge modules || location: British Columbia

Weyerhaeuser is an international forest products company whose principal businesses are the growing and harvesting of trees; the manufacture, distribution and sale of forest products, including logs, wood chips, building products, pulp, paper and packaging products; real estate construction and development. || products: lumber, engineered wood, OSB || location: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario.