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Active Job Postings

Strategic Natural Resource Consultants Inc. - GIS & Mapping Technician (posted April 24, location: British Columbia)

Skeena Sawmills Ltd. - Operations Supervisor (posted April 24, location: British Columbia)

ATCO Electric - Coordinator, Forest Operations (posted April 22, location: Alberta)

Western Forest Products Inc. - Area Planner (posted April 22, location: British Columbia)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Millwrights (posted April 22, location: Ontario, Quebec)

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. - Process Operator / Power Engineer (posted April 22, location: Alberta)

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. - Accounts Payable (posted April 22, location: Alberta)

Ontario Public Service - Supervisor, Economics and Pricing Unit (posted April 22, location: Ontario)

West Fraser - EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Steep Slope Harvesting Services – Quesnel area (posted April 20, location: British Columbia)

Ontario Public Service - Supervisor, Forest Analysis and Modelling Unit (posted April 20, location: Ontario)

Braun Forestry Consulting Services - Forestry Engineering Technicians (posted April 20, location: British Columbia)

Ontario Public Service - Regional Planning Foresters (posted April 17, location: Ontario)

Ranger Forest Services Ltd. - Planning Forester, Campbell River (posted April 16, location: British Columbia)

Millar Western Forest Products Ltd. - Maintenance Planner (posted April 16, location: Alberta)

Whitebark Environmental Consulting - Field Staff (posted April 16, location: Alberta)

TDB Consultants Inc. - Forestry Field Assistants (posted April 15, location: British Columbia)

TDB Consultants Inc. - Forest Technologists (posted April 15, location: British Columbia)

Forest People International Search Ltd. - Chief Operating Officer (posted April 15, location: British Columbia)

A&A Trading Ltd. - Forestry Administrator (posted April 14, location: British Columbia)

Rugged Mountain Contracting Ltd. - Project Managers and Senior Layout Engineers (posted April 14, location: British Columbia)

Timberland Consultants 2001 - Senior Engineering Technologist (posted April 13, location: British Columbia)

Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, Forest Service Branch - Silviculture Coordinator (posted April 13, location: Saskatchewan)

Celtic Engineering Ltd. - Engineering Manager (posted April 13, location: British Columbia)

Tecfor Resources Ltd. - Accredited Timber Cruiser (posted April 10, location: British Columbia)

Forsite Consultants - Project Leader (posted April 10, location: British Columbia)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Maintenance Superintendant (posted April 9, location: Ontario)

Western Forest Products Inc. - Business Optimization Analyst (posted April 7, location: British Columbia)

West Fraser - GIS Technician (posted April 6, location: British Columbia)

DWB Consulting Services Ltd. - Forestry / Civil Engineer (posted April 2, location: British Columbia)

Forest People International Search Ltd. - Maintenance Superintendent (posted April 2, location: British Columbia)

Western Forest Products Inc. - Sawmill Supervisor (posted April 2, location: British Columbia)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Process and Control Specialist (posted April 1, location: Ontario)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Purchaser (posted April 1, location: Ontario)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Inventory & Supply Coordinator (posted April 1, location: Ontario)

Ontario Public Service - Management Forester RPF (posted April 1, location: Ontario)

BC Timber Sales - Forest Technicians (posted March 30, location: British Columbia)

Simpcw First Nation - GIS Specialist (posted March 26, location: British Columbia)

Avison Management Services Ltd. - Senior Forest Technician (posted March 24, location: British Columbia)

Avison Management Services Ltd. - Junior Forest Technician (posted March 24, location: British Columbia)

Tolko Industries Ltd. - Sawmill Superintendent (posted March 24, location: Alberta)

Tolko Industries Ltd. - Maintenance Manager (posted March 24, location: Alberta)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Sawmill Supervisor (posted March 24, location: Ontario)

Forest People International Search Ltd. - Superintendent of Forest Biomass (posted March 20, location: British Columbia)

Kenora Forest Products - Maintenance Superintendent (posted March 20, location: Ontario)

Woodford Forestry Services Inc. - Senior and Intermediate Forest Technicians (posted March 20, location: British Columbia)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Woodlands Superintendent (posted March 19, location: Ontario)

CIPA Lumber Co. - Dryland Sort Manager (posted March 16, location: British Columbia)

Atlas Information Management - Senior Forest Technician (posted March 16, location: British Columbia)

Forest People International Search Ltd. - Woodland Operations Superintendent (posted March 13, location: Saskatchewan)

Nazko Economic Development Corporation - Operations Co-Ordinator (posted March 12, location: British Columbia)

Integrated ProAction Corp. - Junior / Senior Forestry Staff (posted March 10, location: British Columbia)

J. D. Irving, Ltd. - Forest Resource Analyst (posted March 10, location: New Brunswick)

Ledcor Resources and Transportation - Sawmill Maintenance Manager (posted March 9, location: British Columbia)

HALCO Software Systems Ltd - Wood Products Operations Analyst (posted March 5, location: British Columbia)

Fortec Consulting Ltd - Forest Technologist or Forester (posted March 4, location: British Columbia)

Interfor Corporation - Log Buyer, Kootenays (posted March 4, location: British Columbia)

Optimum Resource Management Ltd. - Foresters / Forest Technicians (posted March 3, location: British Columbia)

Thompson Resource Management Ltd. - Project Manager / Registered Senior Field Technologists / Field Technologist / Head Timber Cruiser (posted February 27, location: British Columbia)

Tyhee Forestry Consultants Ltd. - Forest Technicians and Foresters (posted February 25, location: British Columbia)

Forsite Consultants - Forest Technician (Silviculture) (posted February 25, location: British Columbia)

Tolko Industries - Sawmill Supervisor (posted February 24, location: British Columbia)

Infinity-Pacific Stewardship Group Ltd. - Timber Cruising Assistant(s) (posted February 24, location: British Columbia)

Consus Management Ltd. - GIS Technician (posted February 24, location: British Columbia)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Operations Forester - Ear Falls and Elk Lake (posted February 24, location: Ontario)

EACOM Timber Corporation - Scaler - Elk Lake (posted February 23, location: Ontario)

Silvatech Consulting Ltd. - Resource Inventory Photo Interpreter (posted February 23, location: British Columbia)

Infinity-Pacific Stewardship Group Ltd. - Senior / Junior Forest Engineers (posted February 23, location: British Columbia)

The Forestry Jobs in Canada webpage features job opportunities in all aspects of Canada's forest and forest industry sectors. Examples of the types of positions advertised here include:

  • foresters and forest technicians / technologists
  • forest engineers
  • forest and land-use planners
  • GIS and geomatics specialists
  • academics and researchers
  • forest health specialists and silviculture surveyors
  • forest protection officers and forest firefighters
  • urban foresters and arborists
  • technical positions in the manufacture of forest products, i.e., millwrights, engineers
  • biologists, ecologists, watershed managers
  • timber cruisers and compassmen/women
  • block layout and road surveyors
  • tree planters and silviculture workers
  • summer positions for forestry students
  • other professionals who specialize in the forest and forest product sectors, i.e., economists, marketing specialists, business analysts, natural resource policy analysts, and more

Unless otherwise indicated, the employment opportunities advertised on this page are open only to Canadian citizens, to landed immigrants in Canada, or to foreign nationals who are legally authorized to work in Canada.

NOTE: If you wish to apply for any of the opportunities listed, please contact the employers directly.

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