BAP Equipment Ltd is a supplier of instruments to the forestry, surveying, geology and engineering industries in Canada and the USA. Our products include such items as flagging tape, Nelson tree marking paint, compasses, increment borers, GPS, tree planting equipment, safety equipment and much more. We also manufacture a full line of sewn products including field vest, map cases and tree planting bags under the name BAP Field Gear.We maintain good inventory levels to ensure prompt delivery and ship worldwide.

Beaver Plastics has produced high-performance, engineered products made from expandable foam plastics. Working closely with our customers, we focus on customer-driven new product development and excellence in quality and service. Put the latest innovation in silviculture to work for you. With the Styroblock container growing system, you'll stay ahead of the competition with healthier plants and more efficient and cost-effective operations.

Cansel Survey Equipment Ltd. is the largest distributor of land-based positioning systems in North America, offering Sales, Rentals, Repair, Training, and Technical Support at 9 locations across Canada. We offer the largest selection of land based measurement equipment including high-end optical survey instruments, GPS, construction lasers, machine control, accessories, and field supplies. Visit our website for information on all our products and services, or shop online and save!

Clover Point Cartographics Ltd. - Clover Point Cartographics Ltd. is the official distributor of the British Columbia Ministry of Forests Forest Cover maps. Ordering information, including costs and turn-around time, can be viewed on our web page.

Commercial Solutions Inc. - With over 40 service centres located across Canada, Commercial Solutions specializes in the national distribution and sales of bearings, power transmission, industrial, forestry, mining and resource management equipment products and services as well as safety products for industrial and emergency services.

Deakin Equipment- a major supplier of forestryy equipment - compasses, clinometers, field books, GPS, increment borers and much more.

Dendrotik offers its customers an impressive choice of products for forestry related work. They are also proud to offer their customers a wide selection of equipment for land surveying, silviculture, sawmills, geology, cartography, and drawing rooms.

Fire Foam & H.T. Kegs - We are an outfit that still takes pride in what we produce at a fair price to you the consumer. The H.T. Keg and family of poly tanks and pumps are the affordable solution to year round spraying needs,whether it be fire foam in the summer or De-Icer in the winter.Our tanks and pumps are not the end all do all but for all our customers they save time and money. Things dont have to be complicated to work. Our Kegs take less than 5 minutes to hookup. And goes anywhere with ease / Fire-Foam on demand. Remote locations where fire prevention is a must.

Firefox Fire Solutions - Equipment for fighting wildfires. When fire strikes, we help ensure that it can be quickly suppressed by responders. We are leading the way in providing innovative and technologically advanced products used to combat the devastating loss of life and property caused annually from fires.

The Forest Shop specializes in marketing books of interest to the forestry sector. We are based in Canada, but also operate from a point in NY for shipments in the US. We ship anywhere in the world. Currently, our list exceeds 500 titles, representing over 60 publishers in Canada and the US. If it isn't already, it will soon be the most

Halltech Environmental Inc. - At Halltech Environmental Inc. we provide quality sales and support to professionals working in the forestry industry. From routine supplies like borers and paint, to specialized instruments such as relaskops and application specific GPS, we can supply your every need.

Industrial Reproductions (IRL) has been a major supplier to the forest, survey and drafting industries. We offer same day shipping on all instock items so you have it when you need it. Our product lines include compasses, clinometers, field books, increment borers and more. IRL manufactures flagging tape (including printed flagging), forestry and survey vests, first aid and survival kits, photo cases and can do custom work as well.

Jiffy Forestry Pellets are used world-wide for reforestation, reclamation, restoration,horticulture,home gardening and hobbiests. The Jiffy Pellet and its nursery customers produce the best natural root architecture and the best upper plug lateral root growth in the industry. With many advances in equipment availability, different tray types and different pellet sizes - we are leading the forest industry in producing a sustainable wood flow future through quality root growth and superior container design. A Canadian made product for a sustainable future.

Lakewood Systems - Lakewood manufactures battery powered data recorders for use with a broad range of environmental and industrial instruments.

LeTourneau Technologies Canada - LeTourneau Technologies Canada - Forestry Products, is the new distributor of the LeTourneau Log Stackers line. LeTourneau Technologies is open for business with parts, sales and service located in Prince george and Kamloops, BC.

Levitt-Safety Limited - A complete one-stop shop for all safety related equipmnent - clothing, helments, instruments, hand-ear-eye protection, boots coveralls, and fire suppression systems. Since 1935 Levitt-Safety has been ensuring the well being of Canadian workers. As safety specialists, our people understand your need for a reliable source of products and information. Levitt-Safety has partnered with the world’s leading manufacturers of safety equipment in order to offer you a full range of solutions to ensure that your people will safely return from their day’s work to their family and friends. From safety eyewear, gloves, hearing protection, and fall protection, Levitt-Safety has the experience and ability to provide the products that you trust to protect you every day.

Premier Tech System is a Canadian manufacturer of packaging equipment specially design to compress wood shaving into plastic bag, also manufacturer of loose fill machine

Qualipro Equipment is a supplier of heavy duty log splitters and wood conveyors. Our product line includes the very popular AM-24HR log splitter, various optional equipment such as the 4 way and 6 way wedges, and hydraulic log lifts.

Quantum Gear - We are an Authorized Dealer of a variety of Laser Rangefinders including the high quality TruPulse line of industral and construction range-finders from LTI - Laser Technology, Inc.

Range Road Firewood Processors - are an economical solution for Acreage owners and anybody that burns wood, they can process more than a cord an hour of 10" or larger wood and are an affordable tool.

Reforestation Technologies International - MANUFACTURERS & SUPPLIERS OF: Time of Planting Fertilizers, Mycorrhizal

ResMap provides free online access to GIS-ready satellite data. Imagery covering the entire globe is accessible, with resolutions ranging from 1 km to 14.25 metres for most areas, and in some selected regions 1 metre imagery is available. Over 3 Terabytes of LANDSAT imagery is available for direct and free use in GIS/CAD/RS/MS Office applications on your desktop without the need to download the data.

RNventions - We sell Tree Saver Winch Strap, tow straps, come-alongs, and snatch blocks which work great for tree removal.

SCOTTY FIRE FIGHTING PRODUCTS - nozzles, inductors, backpacks and pumps, portable foam systems, accessories. Commitment to reliable products that serve the industrial and public sectors is the reason we're in business.

Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd. provides aerial photography throughout British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and the Northwest United States for photogrammetric, engineering and resource management users. We have extensive experience providing photography for forestry uses with projects ranging from entire TFL's (or more) to small watersheds.

SPLITez - log splitter,wood splitter,log splitters and wood splitters. At SPLITez we build commercial grade log splitters, wood splitters 22 to 34 tons of splitting force.

Tree World- Deer repellent, animal repellent and plant protection products by Tree World Plantskydd - Nature's best animal repellent

Universal Field Supplies caters to the specific needs of four industries: Forestry, Arboriculture, Mineral Exploration, and Environmental Engineering.

Wajax Industries Limited - Western Division- Serving Canadian business since 1869 with over 50 branches across Canada. "Your Equipment Supply and Service Leader" Alberta/Saskatchewan

Wajax Industries Limited - Eastern Region - We have a comprehensive list of used Forestry Equipment on our site as well as Heavy and Material Handling Equipment.

Western Technical Supply Co. - Wholesale & Retail distributors of light-industrial forestry and field equipment. Authorized suppliers of Suunto Clinometers, Compasses and Increment Borers, Brunton Pocket Transits, Rite in the Rain, Flagging tapes, and many other field accessories.

Wood Splitters Direct for electric log splitters and hydraulic firewood processor needs.

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